A little hack that keeps me sane

June 01, 2024

I have this reminder "What are you going to regret?" set for every 3 months.
Screenshot of Reminder app in Mac

It's been sitting there for two days and I don't know what I'll regret.

Which can be a good sign too. Makes me think about things I'm doing recently and what I would like to do differently.

As I type, I realised that there is something.

Earlier this year, I promised myself I'll focus on building onesimpleblog.com this year: https://x.com/onerinas/status/1735967040710611132

And yet, I have been tempted to work on WhatsNew.co and TIL.dev little bit. (even pulled into a new product idea about how we consume enjoy content from internet)

Something I'll regret is if I work on other products AND don't have atleast one paying customer this year for One Simple Blog

So there you go, that's something I'm going to regret if steer away from One Simple Blog. 
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